Win a 6-month scholarship with us and support the San Juan de Dios Hospital Nephrology Foundation!

This Sunday, our dear teacher Kerry Riddell will be running the Maratón Correcaminos from Cartago to La Sabana. Here she shares her experience training for the race and invites you to help the San Juan de Dios Hospital Nephrology Foundation by participating in her fund raiser. Read on, help and win six months of English classes at CCB!

Ayude a la fundación de nefrología y gane una beca de seis meses

It was pleasantly cool as I stepped outside this morning at 6:15 although I knew the overnight rain would make for humid conditions once the sun managed to break through the cloud.

With 2 litres of water on my back and my watch ready at zero, I pressed the start button and headed out along Central Avenue towards Sabana park. I was surprised by the number of people already out and about, not to mention the amount of street vendors already touting their wares.

Sabana park was even busier as the Carrera de la Leche 5 km and 10 km running races had started at 6 am and a Gatorade stall had been set up close by on Paseo Colon with lots of fruit and, I’m assuming, Gatorade. The stall seemed to be for runners but I’m not sure if they were part of a different race or on a training run.

I headed back across town and continued out towards Curridabat and Tres Rios. The old Cartago road to Tres Rios made me think of the film The Truman Show as I was suddenly surrounded by lots and lots of people exercising. There were groups of cyclists moving in both directions, a line of runners stretched out along the road as far as I could see, and people walking their dogs.

The killer climb from Tres Rios to San Ramon is tough but without fail, someone always manages to make me smile by cheering me on as I run puffing and panting past them. Today was no exception as two ladies wearing La Leche t-shirts clapped and cheered. I guess they had been at Sabana a few hours before.

Once at the top of the hill it was an easy 7 miles down hill to home to complete my 22 mile training run (35 km).

But why am I telling you all this? In 5 weeks I will be running from Cartago to San Jose in the Correcaminos marathon, a distance of 42 km, or 26.2 miles to be British.

A marathon is always a perfect opportunity for a bit of charity fundraising and this one is no exception. At CCB we are running a competition to raise money for the San Juan de Dios Hospital Nephrology Foundation. If you can correctly guess what time I will complete the marathon, you could win a six-month scholarship at the Centro Cultural Británico.

Next time you are in CCB, ask at reception to take part and be in with a chance of winning.


Tips to win

These are a few of Kerry’s times during her training here in Costa Rica:

12k, 56:44. January
21k, 1:42:05. March
10k, 46:50. June

Last training run:

23 miles, about 4 hours.

Last marathon:

Vietnam Mountain Marathon, 7:25:50. Sep 2014

Fastest Marathon:

London Marathon, 3:20:13. 2013

This will be her 8th full marathon

1 marathon = 42 km


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