V for Vendetta, get ready for the Book Club

Our last Book Club of the year starts soon!

Alan MooreV_for_vendettax is back! This time we will be reading V For Vendetta, the iconic comic book illustrated by David Lloyd.

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing in our sessions:

  • Background: the birth of V – Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in Thatcher’s Britain.
  • Identity: Strength through unity? The issue of individualism in government and resistance groups.
  • The secrecy of V’s identity and the birth of Anonymous: what purposes does this secrecy serve?
  • Why is it so easy for the fascists to seize control of government? What factors make people embrace fascist policies – at least at first? A brief look at fascist régimes around the world
  • The means versus the end: are V’s methods the best way to bring down the government? Do the ends justify the means or is V as toxic as those who he tries to overthrow?

Registration open. Everyone is welcome to join.

Start: 24th October

35,000 colones
Free for CCB students

More information:

Tel 2221-2992 / 4030-4829


Book Club. Frankenstein, el final.

El Book Club dedicado a la novela más famosa de Mary Shelley, Frankenstein llega hoy a su fin después de dos meses de interesantes conversaciones sobre diferentes temas derivados de la obra. Temas que influyen directamente en nuestra manera de percibir y entendernos tanto a nosotros mismos y nuestra realidad inmediata, aún sin que nos demos cuenta.


How well do you know your way around Middle-earth?

Our book clubbers have had an amazing journey since Bilbo and the party left Bag End. They went through the Ruhdaur and beneath the Misty Mountains before being taken by mythical beasts all the way to the Carrock. Then they crossed the darkest forest of the Rhovanion and reached Esgaroth, which lies just a few miles from Dale and dreaded Erebor itself.

They went where?

If you’re wondering the same thing (as many people will most likely do), taking a look at this interactive map and timeline of Middle-earth by the LOTRProject.com will help you catch up with Bilbo and his associates. Hover your mouse over the events on the right side and get the location of our heroes’ adventures as they make their way to the Lonely Mountain. Go and have fun exploring Tolkien’s Middle-earth!


Concurso: Frankenstein ya tiene portada

Luego de haber recibido una cantidad de 45 propuestas de la autoría de 25 concursantes, el jurado determinó que la obra titulada MFS, cuya autoría corresponde a Diego van der Laat, es ganadora por unanimidad. La obra será la portada del libro Frankenstein, de la Colección Sparrow del Centro Cultural Británico y la Editorial Germinal S.A.

El jurado:
Felo García, arquitecto y artista nacional, Premio Magón 2008
– Juan Hernández, Director, Editorial Germinal
César Maurel, artista, escritor y traductor
– Ana García, coordinadora cultural y Directora de Recursos Humanos, Centro Cultural Británico
– Jonathan Cordero, coordinador cultural y Director de Recursos en Línea, Centro Cultural Británico
– Andrea Cuadra, coordinadora cultural y Directora Académica, Centro Cultural Británico

La premiación será el día 14 de junio del año en curso y contará con la presencia del jurado y el ganador. Queremos agradecer a todos aquellos que participaron – pronto tendremos un nuevo concurso de diseño.

¡Felicidades, Diego!

Diego van der Laat. "MSF".

Menciones especiales para:


Kimberly Castro. "Stitches"
Kimberly Castro. “Stitches”


Jenny Solano. “Miseries”. Corel Painter y Photoshop.
Jenny Solano. “Miseries”. Corel Painter y Photoshop.


Carlos Arias. Sin título. 2013
Carlos Arias. Sin título. 2013


¡Muchas Gracias a todos los participantes por enviar sus propuestas!


Galería: propuestas concursantes para la portada de Frankenstein.

El Centro Cultural Británico agradece y felicita a los 25 artistas participantes por su dedicación al crear las más de 45 propuestas que concursan por la portada de la novela Frankenstein de Mary Shelley en nuestra colección de clásicos ´Sparrow‘.

Como verán la gran variedad y calidad de las propuestas les han dado un gran trabajo a los jurados, sin embargo les deseamos la mejor de las suertes a todos. El ganador fue anunciado el lunes 10 de junio.

Aquí tienen la galería, no olviden expresar su aprecio por sus favoritas en los comentarios.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.


17 May – “The Hobbit”

We began this book club by looking at the life and times of J.R.R. Tolkien and cultural influences that inspired his work. We looked at his background as a professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at Oxford, and heard the epic  poem Beowulf  recited in the original Anglo-Saxon language (together with a translation into modern English!)

We talked about works by other artists which may have had an influence on Tolkien, in particular the huge operatic cycle “The Ring of the Nibelungs” by the German composer Richard Wagner, and listened to  Siegfried’s Death and Funeral Music from the opera Gotterdammerung, the final of the four operas which make up the “Ring” cycle.

We also looked at Runes and the Runic alphabet ;  runes were an ancient Germanic writing system with which Tolkien was familiar, and incorporated into his works. Students read chapters 1, 2 and 3 for homework……An unexpected journey begins!

"Wotan visits Mime and offers him his help." Illustration to Richard Wagner's Siegfried by Arthur Rackham. 1911
“Wotan visits Mime and offers him his help.”
Illustration to Richard Wagner’s Siegfried by Arthur Rackham. 1911
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