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British Community Charity Picnic 2015

The British Community in Costa Rica is happy to invite you to this year’s British Community Picnic to be held on Sunday May 31st at the United World College, Santa Ana. There’ll be British beer, Pimm’s plenty of food and lots of games. There will be curries from Tin Jo, imported Angus hamburgers, sausage butties…


Book Club: Maus

Maus narra la historia de un sobreviviente del Holocausto enmarcada por las tensiones de la relación con su hijo. Spiegelman usa la caricatura como lenguaje visual dando a los personajes la apariencia de diferentes animales según…


Programa Festival Shakespeare San José 2015

El 23 de abril de 1616 murió el más grande dramaturgo del habla inglesa, dejando una obra empapada en lenguaje rico, personajes complejos y temas primordiales que aún resuenan en nuestro contexto. Cada año alrededor del mundo se celebra su vida y obra y Costa Rica no es la excepción. El Centro Cultural Británico muy cordialmente le invita a participar en el Festival Shakespeare San José y vivir un legado cultural que a través de los siglos sigue perteneciéndonos a todos.


V for Vendetta, get ready for the Book Club

Our last Book Club of the year starts soon!

Alan MooreV_for_vendettax is back! This time we will be reading V For Vendetta, the iconic comic book illustrated by David Lloyd.

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing in our sessions:

  • Background: the birth of V – Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in Thatcher’s Britain.
  • Identity: Strength through unity? The issue of individualism in government and resistance groups.
  • The secrecy of V’s identity and the birth of Anonymous: what purposes does this secrecy serve?
  • Why is it so easy for the fascists to seize control of government? What factors make people embrace fascist policies – at least at first? A brief look at fascist régimes around the world
  • The means versus the end: are V’s methods the best way to bring down the government? Do the ends justify the means or is V as toxic as those who he tries to overthrow?

Registration open. Everyone is welcome to join.

Start: 24th October

35,000 colones
Free for CCB students

More information:

Tel 2221-2992 / 4030-4829