A letter from the Book Club


Hi guys,

It’s been two weeks since we started reading Graham Greene’s ‘The Quiet American’ in book club so here is a little update to let you know what we have been doing.

In the first class we watched a documentary about the French Indo-China war to give some context on when and where the book is set. We then talked about some of the issues involved in the documentary, including war and imperialism.

In the second class we looked at the relationship between two of the characters: Thomas Fowler (an old grizzled cynical British journalist) and Phuong (a young beautiful Vietnamese girl). We then talked about relationships between older and younger people and also looked at the motives, benefits and drawbacks of these kinds of relationships.

If you wish to attend the class then you should read the first five Chapters of the book, which encompass part one. In the next class we will be discussing some of the important plot points from the first part and how the relationships have developed and changed between the three main characters Fowler, Pyle and Phuong.

Hope to see you this Friday.


 Watch the documentary


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