• Book Club: Maus

    abril 29, 2015 Maus narra la historia de un sobreviviente del Holocausto enmarcada por las tensiones de la relación con su hijo. Spiegelman usa la caricatura como lenguaje visual dando a los personajes la apariencia de diferentes animales según… Read more about this post
  • V for Vendetta, get ready for the Book Club

    octubre 4, 2014 Our last Book Club of the year starts soon! Alan Moore is back! This time we will be reading V For Vendetta, the iconic comic book illustrated by David Lloyd. Here are some of the topics we will be discussing in our sessions: Background: the birth of V – Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in Thatcher’s Britain. Identity: Strength through unity? The issue of individualism in government and resistance groups. The secrecy of V’s identity and the birth of Anonymous: what purposes does this secrecy serve? Why is it so easy for the fascists to seize control of government? What factors make people embrace fascist policies – ... Read more about this post
  • A letter from the Book Club

    marzo 26, 2014 It’s been two weeks since we started reading Graham Greene’s ‘The Quiet American’ in book club so here is a little update to let you know what we have been doing. Read more about this post
  • New Book Club: The Quiet American by Graham Greene

    marzo 12, 2014 CCB’s Book Club is a space where students can share their passion for reading and learn from and about different stories each bimestre. The aim is to stimulate conversation and develop critical reading skills while broadening the cultural context of the participants. Read more about this post
  • Watchmen | A new Book Club is coming.

    octubre 23, 2013 Watchmen-Book ClubThe Book Club is back for the last bimestre of 2013. This time we’ll be reading and discussing Alan Moore’s famous work: Watchmen. Join us every Monday from 3 to 5 pm. Everybody’s welcome. More info: info@ccbritanico.com – Tel: 4030-4829 Read more about this post
  • Book Club. Frankenstein, el final.

    octubre 21, 2013 El Book Club dedicado a la novela más famosa de Mary Shelley, Frankenstein llega hoy a su fin después de dos meses de interesantes conversaciones sobre diferentes temas derivados de la obra. Temas que influyen directamente en nuestra manera de percibir y entendernos tanto a nosotros mismos y nuestra realidad inmediata, aún sin que nos demos cuenta. Read more about this post
  • How well do you know your way around Middle-earth?

    junio 12, 2013 Our book clubbers have had an amazing journey since Bilbo and the party left Bag End. They went through the Ruhdaur and beneath the Misty Mountains before being taken by mythical beasts all the way to the Carrock. Then they crossed the darkest forest of the Rhovanion and reached Esgaroth, which lies just a few miles from Dale and dreaded Erebor itself. If you’re wondering the same thing (as many people will most likely do), taking a look at this interactive map and timeline of Middle-earth by the LOTRProject.com will help you catch up with Bilbo and his associates. Hover your mouse over the ... Read more about this post
  • Concurso: Frankenstein ya tiene portada

    junio 10, 2013 Diego van der Laat. "MSF".Luego de haber recibido una cantidad de 45 propuestas de la autoría de 25 concursantes, el jurado determinó que la obra titulada MFS, cuya autoría corresponde a Diego van der Laat, es ganadora por unanimidad. La obra será la portada del libro Frankenstein, de la Colección Sparrow del Centro Cultural Británico y la Editorial Germinal S.A. El jurado: – Felo García, arquitecto y artista nacional, Premio Magón 2008 – Juan Hernández, Director, Editorial Germinal – César Maurel, artista, escritor y traductor – Ana García, coordinadora cultural y Directora de Recursos Humanos, Centro Cultural Británico – Jonathan Cordero, coordinador cultural y Director de Recursos en Línea, Centro Cultural Británico – Andrea ... Read more about this post
  • Galería: propuestas concursantes para la portada de Frankenstein.

    junio 6, 2013 El Centro Cultural Británico agradece y felicita a los 25 artistas participantes por su dedicación al crear las más de 45 propuestas que concursan por la portada de la novela Frankenstein de Mary Shelley en nuestra colección de clásicos ´Sparrow‘. Como verán la gran variedad y calidad de las propuestas les han dado un gran trabajo a los jurados, sin embargo les deseamos la mejor de las suertes a todos. El ganador fue anunciado el lunes 10 de junio. Aquí tienen la galería, no olviden expresar su aprecio por sus favoritas en los comentarios. Read more about this post
  • 17 May – “The Hobbit”

    junio 4, 2013 The Hobbit Book CoverWe began this book club by looking at the life and times of J.R.R. Tolkien and cultural influences that inspired his work. We looked at his background as a professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at Oxford, and heard the epic  poem Beowulf  recited in the original Anglo-Saxon language (together with a translation into modern English!) We talked about works by other artists which may have had an influence on Tolkien, in particular the huge operatic cycle “The Ring of the Nibelungs” by the German composer Richard Wagner, and listened to  Siegfried’s Death and Funeral Music from the opera Gotterdammerung, the final of ... Read more about this post
  • ¡Ya casi sabemos quien es el ganador!

    junio 4, 2013 Read more about this post
  • A Clockwork Orange: The End

    abril 27, 2013 Although it’s true what they say about all great things coming to an end,  we are sure that ‘A Clockwork Orange’ will stay with us for a very long time. To say goodbye to this Book Club we spent some time playing our own version of the old game Pictionary, using words from the novel. Our book clubbers jumped at the task with their best Nadsat and showed how proficient they have become at using the made-up language of Alex and his droogs. (If you want to become as good as them here’s a full Nadsat glosary). We also re-imagined our favourite ... Read more about this post
  • A Clockwork Orange: A timeline in doodles

    abril 13, 2013 “I always wanted to know the meaning of ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Through the book I’ve realised what those words mean… Do you want to be good because you have been taught to do so or because you really feel like being good? This book lets us approach ourselves through the mind of a boy who sees the world differently and  in a way we’re not used to.” Carolina. Book Club. 13 April 2013 If you’ve also started your journey through ‘A Clockwork Orange’ you’ll enjoy re-living it in your head. Take a look at the first part of this presentation showing the ... Read more about this post
  • Frankenstein Concurso

    abril 2, 2013 Ver galería de obras participantes El Centro Cultural Británico y la Editorial Germinal tienen el agrado de invitar a artistas costarricenses al concurso de elaboración de la portada del primer libro de su colección Sparrow. Nuestro primer título será Frankenstein, de la autora Mary Shelley (1757-1851), con una introducción por el autor y filósofo costarricense Rafael Ángel Herra.  Fecha límite: 2 de junio del 2013 Recepción de propuestas: info@ccbritanico.com OBJETIVO Crear una imagen alusiva a la novela Frankenstein que irá en la portada. Para ello, se permite cualquier técnica en plástica o diseño bidimensional. BASES • Requisitos de participación: 1. Ser costarricense o nacionalizado(a) costarricense. 2. Presentar currículum de una página máximo, el cual deberá ... Read more about this post
  • A Clockwork Orange

    marzo 16, 2013 Is a man who chooses the bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him?To begin this book club we spent some time today drawing connections between ‘A Clockwork Orange‘ and other works of dystopian fiction such as 1984, Farenheit 451 and Brave New World, the latter being the subject of one of the most interesting iterations of this book club. After exploring common themes and motifs of the genre including represive states/societies and the protagonist’s struggle to regain his individuality, we moved on to discuss the main topic of  ‘A Clockwork Orange’: the presence of moral choice as a decisive element that distinguishes human beings from machines or animals. During the next few weeks we will explore ... Read more about this post
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy – Week 1

    enero 30, 2013 Take a few seconds and try to recall as many science-fiction-related clichés as you can… The science-fiction genre has commonly been associated with a parade of recurring themes, plots and characters. It isn’t rare to find robots, alien races (usually the green kind), the mandatory human hero and the occasional appearanace of a higher intelligence. These and many more ‘ingredients’ have been constantly re-worked and updated through the years and according to the ever-evolving nature of our technological context. Quite often, however, lack of imagination and overuse of those elements can lead even the most patient reader/watcher on the planet to wish ... Read more about this post
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Week 3

    diciembre 6, 2012 Suddenly she came upon a little three-legged table, all made of solid glass; there was nothing on it except a tiny golden key, and Alice’s first thought was that it might belong to one of the doors of the hall; but, alas! either the locks were too large, or the key was too small, but at any rate it would not open any of them. However, on the second time round, she came upon a low curtain she had not noticed before, and behind it was a little door about fifteen inches high: she tried the little golden key in ... Read more about this post
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Week 2

    noviembre 28, 2012 Lewis Carroll PortraitAutism Over 1 in 100 people in the UK live with autism and the number is growing worldwide, sadly there are no statistics about the number of people with the condition in Costa Rica but according to organisations such as ‘Fundación Autismo Feliz’ there are also new cases every day. Here are some facts about the disease: They find it difficult to tell people what they need, and how they feel. They find it difficult to meet other people and to make new friends. They find it difficult to understand what other people think, and how they feel. Not everyone with autism will find these things difficult. ... Read more about this post
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Week 1

    noviembre 16, 2012 Alice and the RabbitIs this scene familiar to you?   Most likely, you’re now thinking about a white rabbit who’s running late, a mad hatter, a queen of hearts and a peculiar little girl. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! is the story of a little girl who falls into a world of fantasy where everything constantly gets “curiouser and curiouser. For more than a century and a half this story has been a favourite of new and older generations. It has been the inspiration for for several films, dating from the early stages of cinema to the latest Tim Burton version, showing no sign of loosing its charm. In March 2011, The Royal ... Read more about this post
  • Brave New World – Week 6

    octubre 16, 2012 Brave New World - Week 6 Read more about this post
  • Brave New World – Week 5

    octubre 16, 2012 Brave New World - Week 5 Read more about this post
  • Brave New World – Week 4

    septiembre 28, 2012 Read more about this post
  • Brave New World – Week 3

    septiembre 22, 2012 After all, everyone belongs to everyone else. Sex is closely tied to violence in Brave New World as the two extremes of passion. In this futuristic, controlled environment, promiscuity is the law and emotional attachment is illegal. Sex is no longer used for procreation but rather for distraction and pacification. The act has been dehumanized and made devoid of passion, treated casually and publicly rather than as a personal matter. Because of this norm, no space of time ever passes between a desire and the consummation of that desire.” Source Read a chapter-by-chapter summary of the treatment of sexuality in Brave New World.  What do you think? Would this kind of ... Read more about this post
  • Brave New World – Week 2

    septiembre 14, 2012 The principle of mass production at last applied to biology. Chapter 1 “Throughout Brave New World, the citizens of the World State substitute the name of Henry Ford, the early twentieth-century industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company, wherever people in our own world would say Lord” (i.e., Christ). This demonstrates that even at the level of casual conversation and habit, religion has been replaced by reverence for technology—specifically the efficient, mechanized factory production of goods that Henry Ford pioneered.” Source What do you think? Should the cloning of humans be allowed? Read more about this post
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